Rohan Padhye's Photo

Rohan Padhye

Faculty & Principal Investigator

Ao Li's Photo

Ao Li

SE PhD Student
(since 2020)

Vasu Vikram's Photo

Vasu Vikram

SE PhD Student
(since 2021)

Shrey Tiwari's Photo

Shrey Tiwari

SE PhD Student
(since 2023)

Lirong Yuan's Photo

Lirong Yuan

SE PhD Student
(since 2023)


Samvid Dharanikota's Photo

Samvid Dharanikota

Research Associate (MSIN '22, RA '23)

Bella Laybourn's Photo

Bella Laybourn

Undergraduate Researcher
(graduated 2023; now at Apple)

Palash Oswal's Photo

Palash Oswal

MSIS-IT Thesis
(graduated 2023)

Daniel Verdi do Amarante's Photo

Daniel Verdi do Amarante

REUSE Student
(Summer 2022)

Kelton OBrien's Photo

Kelton OBrien

REUSE Student
(Summer 2022)

Nicole Nair's Photo

Nicole Nair

REUSE Student
(Summer 2022)

Hita Kambhamettu's Photo

Hita Kambhamettu

REUSE Student
(Summer 2021; now PhD @ UPenn)

John Billos' Photo

John Billos

REUSE Student
(Summer 2021)

Rafaello Sanna's Photo

Rafaello Sanna

REUSE Student
(Summer 2021; now PhD @ Harvard)

Tomi's Photo

Tomi Oluwaseun-Apo

REUSE Student
(Summer 2021)

Ben Gafford's Photo

Ben Gafford

(Graduated 2022)


The PASTA group conducts research on Program Analysis, Software Testing, and Applications thereof. We are not afraid of spaghetti code. We often use dynamic analysis and grey-box fuzzing to identify software bugs or achieve other software engineering objectives.

Selected Papers


Open Science

For science to make rapid and sustained progress, we believe that academic research should be made openly accessible, reproducible, and where artifacts exist, also directly reusable. To this end, we make the following commitments:


We also believe in being responsible members of society and in working towards scientific advancement for good, not evil. We implement this outlook in the following ways:

Join Us

If our research and ethos are appealing to you, consider joining our group!

Prospective graduate students should apply to the Software Engineering PhD program at CMU.

Undergraduate students in the US can apply to the REUSE program to join our group for a summer.

If you are already enrolled in CMU as a student, send us an email from your Andrew address.

Alternatively, look out for one us at an ICSE.